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curious_reader's Journal
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Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
10:43 am
No saved photo pics coming up when posting
Can anyone tell me why no saved photo pics are coming up when I post or comment on something? I also saw that lethargic_man seemed to have the same problem. OK, correction it does come up when I click on my post but it does not come up when I look at my comments.
Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
11:14 pm
learning Spanish with children's books
I wonder if "jardín de flores" can be translated as flower garden instead of flower bed. Though if you want to say flowerbed in Spanish my dictionary suggests "parterre". Online translations often make things up that means trying to translate literally. I typed in "parterre" and it only gives explanations. When I put in "parterre de flores" it says "flowerbed. I have never heard flower garden before. In this book it is indeed just a tiny patch with flowers and not a huge garden.
Saturday, January 4th, 2014
7:11 pm
Spy animal camera's in the sea to observe dolphins
I watched the first episode online and found it very interesting. It was even more interesting how the animals in the sea reacted to the spy animals. They were cameras installed into animals like a fake dolphin, tuna, nautilus, turtle, ray and squid. The dolphins played with the nautilus so much that it was knocked to the ground not damaged but the scientist who put it up had to retrieve it. The squid was attacked by a predator fish and got away the first time. It was especially funny when two turtles appeared. The male was mating with the female, clinging onto her and the female started to flirt with the fake turtle. She started to stroke the fake turtle's face. Has this turtle no shame!? He was not even finished with her and she was already looking for a new male. The comments are good as well. The technicians speeded up the fake turtle and got away. The real turtles just went on with their business.
Monday, November 11th, 2013
9:02 am
language ignorance in commercial spots
On ITVplayer they advertise in their commercial spots glue wine from Lidle. Sure! Get nice and sticky inside with glue wine. Forget about the Glüwine. Glue is much better :-)
Tuesday, July 16th, 2013
7:43 pm
fake USB Pen and noticed too late
I bought a USB pen for lots of money on ebay. For ebay purchases it appears like a lot. It supposed to be 512GB. I should have get suspicious already when I saw it showed 499GB. I should have tried immediately to store all my files. I tried and appeared that everything was copied on it. Right? No, wrong! It deleted the files on the go whenever I looked at it again the folders were empty. Next time I make sure when I copy something it sticks. I am now sticking to the cheap auctions and checked with everybody's feedback. They all seemed to be very positive. One or two people complaint about delays or a shorter skirt but not that anything was not working at all. I am only after their USB pens. I am sorry for my dance teacher attempting to copy all files. I just believed they became corrupted or did not work with my system and did not understand the empty folder he left. Now I know.
Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
9:20 pm
Which computer error scanner shall I buy online?
I have a lot of issues with my laptop computer. Despite reformating my computer several times it has problems with the cursor (nothing to do with the mouse) and still crashes or shows errors on the websites I try to go to. I even have problems with my emails, opening them, deleting, writing or sending emails. I had two different uniblue scanners before but they made more problems than actually help me. The newest one was not compatible with my system. Does anybody know a good computer error scanner that is worth purchasing and downloading?
The CCleaner was bad, too. It was free and deleted more things from the register than necessary.
I have Windows XP, by the way.
Tuesday, December 4th, 2012
1:55 pm
computer issues
I formated my computer about 5 times and still have issues. It seems that the indicator clicks itself all the time and goes to random places in the text. I can hear click, click all the time. I find it very difficult to write anything or to rename my files. What to do about it? Any helpful suggestions?
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
10:24 pm
More Kippot
I took a picture of my own head as a model wearing each Kippah. I only have myself as a model. I made three Kippot and put them all on ebay. This time I made sure that most of yarn when I change colours in between is weaved in the Kippah so it looks almost perfect inside as well. I may have forgotten to do so at the beginning. All of them are on ebay right now under my seller's ID rikod_am.

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Friday, June 8th, 2012
4:14 pm
will make more Kippot
I did not know Kippot are so in demand. Thank you very much livredor to suggest it. I got high bids on my current Kippah. I only made one so far. I looked on UK webpages and found out lots of Kippot even those not handmade cost more than £5 and some even more than £10. I am working on a hot water bottle cover. I use the first time the crocodile stitch.
Monday, June 4th, 2012
10:47 pm
made new crochet items
I got a few new things on ebay and just put up a new crochet kippah. It is my first attempt with lots of colours. I am still under under the ID name 'rikod_am' when you go on ebay.co.uk.

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Monday, May 14th, 2012
5:56 pm
crochet crazy
I am doing a lot of crocheting and a bit of knitting for a few months now. I learnt a lot on youtube. I am trying to sell it on ebay amongst some other stuff. Anybody interested? I sell teddies, soft toys, bags, hats and pin cushion. I am very sorry that I often have to charge so much for the postage. It is gone up enormously. Crazy postage! I cannot offer free postage or reduced postage.

I can be found under the seller's ID 'rikod_am'. Go on ebay.co.uk. Click on advanced next to the buying bar and search by seller. It will take you straight to all the things I sell in my shop.

Here are a few examples.

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Thursday, March 15th, 2012
10:25 am
Protest against gender seperation and dress code in Israel
I heard about that issue several month ago from an Israeli young woman who comes from a Masorti Community and still lives there. She told us more Israelis are going to non-Orthodox Shuls now out of protest. I was surprised that the usually most informed friend (he knows who I mean) did not know about it. Surprisingly it has been hushed down by the news until now.
Sunday, February 26th, 2012
5:04 pm
Dog loves the sound of the guitar (really funny)

That is a really funny youtube video that was shown on the Jonathan Ross show as well. See how the dog reacts to guitar music. It is only a minute to watch.
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
5:17 pm
BBC documentary showing parts of the film "Louis XV" in French with English subtitles
I saw the second time a BBC documentary with short cuts from a film about a king this time the son of "Louis XIV" "Louis XV". He had to reign from the age of 11 and grew up. The film apparently followed his life and not the life of any wifes or mistresses he might have had. I bought once for a lot of money "L'allee du roi" and to my disappointment it was not so much about Louis XIV himself but his second wife. I sold it on ebay for much less than I paid for it. I don't have the money to throw away. I would prefer to borrow "Louis XV" but cannot find it on a UK rental website. Has anyone any idea where to borrow it from? I am aware that it is in French and with English subtitles but I think that is very justified for a film about a French king. In the last film they spoke quiet slowly. It was not too bad to follow it then.

It cost £25 on amazon and I assume it might be from Canada which might cost me another £10 on top of it. It is far too much money to spend on it again.
Monday, December 12th, 2011
5:50 pm
nurseries marked as good or outstanding by Ofsted
I do not want to give names. I worked some time in a local nursery through an agency as a daily supply nursery assistant that I did not like at all. It was too stressful for me and was felt by the babies and toddlers as well and staff members were rather difficult to deal with or talk to. They often contradicted each other. I was surprised to find that they had been marked 'outstanding' by Ofsted. The other nursery that is actually quiet far from here was marked as 'good' by Ofsted. I am still frequently going there and love the nursery. They are much more relaxed and helpful. It is easier to talk to members of staff and managers. Unfortunately, they do not have vacancies for more employees or student placements that have to be paid from now on.
3:39 pm
What happened to Tabby Sal the cat at court?
There are still articles on the internet about Tabby Sal, the cat, being summoned for jury duty. The date for his jury duty was the 23rd of March this year at Boston. What happened to the cat? Did he had to go? Did he attend and gave his meow verdict? No, seriously. How did the judges and lawyers react when they discovered the mistake?
Sunday, November 20th, 2011
6:41 pm
Lactase tablets for lactose intolerance works wonder
I have discovered that I am lactose intolerance quiet recently. I was very unhappy about it. But then someone told me about a solution and told me about the tablets that would help me to break down the lactose I cannot digest. I tried to get prescription from the doctor as I could get it free with either jobseekersallowance or the HC2 certificate I can always get it as long as I have no 16000 savings on my account. I had to go to blood test to get a proof and then I would need to wait for a specialist. I had no patience for all this waiting so I tried at Boots and then ordered it online as they hadn't got it in the shop. Amazon had lots of options and I went for one of the cheapest called Lactase. It worked wonder. I took two tablets just before I ate dairy and had cheese and chocolates even with 2 hours gap I was fine. I did not vomit or had any other discomfort and health issues. I felt normal. Anyone out there with lactose intolerance? You do not have to live with it.
I hope to get the next tablets through a doctor. I can bring the container as a proof.

I found out the blood test can't tell anything about lactose intolerance and unfortunately there is no way of getting a prescription or see a specialist. I keep buying my own tablets then otherwise I don't know what to buy and eat. Especially in my area there are not many options and almost all products have milk in them.
Monday, October 10th, 2011
5:49 pm
bumble bee does not make honey and never will
I always learnt in Germany that the honeybee is the species that makes honey but never the bumble bee. Bumble bee is in German "Hummel" and does not say it is a bee. Anyway it is the wrong bee. I saw a lot of honey bees in Germany without being near a bee keeper. They have a small brown and yellow body. (On BBC I saw other honey bees from other countries. They have the same sort of colours but are much larger and more agressive as they have to deal with stronger predators our European bee is far to weak to cope with.) I rarely see a honey bee in the UK. It does not mean the books, teachers and Hollywood producers can change nature by telling the children non-sense. Obviously the bumble bee did not read their book or watched any Hollywood movies about them. They have not changed their ways. They still do not produce honey. Look on wikipedia.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
3:52 pm
anglo-saxons are fiction?
I have watched on channel 4od "Britain AD: King Arthur's Britain". I found it very interesting to hear that there is apparently no evidence of an invasion of Anglo-Saxon and apparently they were invented by a monk. During the so called "Dark time" after the Romans left romanized British people lived peacefully together minding their own business. They were farming and building houses. The historian or presenter called it then "The not so dark times" which I found amusing. They did not need a leader to tell them what to do. The monk saw some blond men and said they looked like angels and called them anglo-saxon. I have never believed the Arthur legend though. All the things the historians talk about in these episodes sound very likely and convincing. Did anybody else watched it?
There is evidence of the Romans, Celtic tribes, invasion of the Vikings and after "The not so dark times" the invasion of the Normans.
Saturday, August 20th, 2011
10:40 pm
information stolen from mobile phone?
I watched one episode on BBC iplayer about scamming. They were actually deliberately scamming people to teach them how it works and what they can fall for. On one occacion they had a fake fortune teller who knew all the personal information because somebody found it on their recycled phones. My phone is very simple and has a sim card. When I recycle it I always keep the sim card. I cannot put more in it then phone numbers and receive and send a few messages which are usually work related or not very personal. The moment I take the sim card out it is only on the sim card. How is it possible that they can get it from the empty mobile phone itself? I guess they are talking about complicated contract phones with internet access. Maybe they don't need a sim card for it.
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