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Polytheism in Ancient Israel BBC documentary

I watched this
on BBC iplayer under facts.

It was a very interesting documentary. The person who did the documentary is clearly Christian as she pronounces the tetragram only Christians do although she learnt Hebrew, too, to read the references in the Hebrew Bible. She says El (she pronouced like the alcoholic Ale drink which I have never heard like that), the tetragram and Ashera were all Gods of Israel coming from the people of Canaan. They were even worshiped in the Temple. There is archeological evidence about all this. Ashera is a Godess of fertility presented by Etz Hayim the tree of life and later the tree became the Menorah. It apparently says in the Bible she was next to God. When the Jews were in the diaspora according the psalms and other biblical text the God with the tetragram destroyed all other Gods. God became male. People believed the destruction of their temple and oountry was a punishment for worshiping other Gods. However the Gods lived on as angels. Even Jews were never absolutely monotheistic. The Bible according to historians were written much later in the diaspora.
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